Book Review: Knock Out by Catherine Coulter

For readers who enjoy the romance aspect of Catherine Coulter’s books, they may find themselves disappointed in this tale. That is not to say it is not a good story, but it is more of an action adventure thriller with a slight paranormal twist and a smidgeon of romance. How’s that for a little of everything?

Her regular characters, Special Agent Savich and Sherlock are back and are working two cases. The booky begins fast with a bank shootout, which is a great opening. This is the introduction of mystery/thriller story one, which revolves around identifying and capturing the people who have been robbing a series of banks and aren’t shy about fatalities.

Concurrent with this is story two, which involves Savich receiving a telepathic message from a seven-year old girl, Autumn, who is desperately seeking his aid. She and her mother, Joanna, are on the run from a cult who is after Autumn for their own twisted reasons. Hiding in a small town, Autumn and Joanna come to the attention of Sheriff Ethan Merriweather, who offers his protection and eventually works with Savich and Sherlock to try and thwart the cult from abducting Autumn.

While there is a budding romance between Joanna and Sheriff Merriweather, this potential relationship is not explored very deeply.

The story is entertaining, but I never felt deeply invested in the characters, maybe because Ms. Coulter had so many plot threads going on that the story jumped around a bit. While the storyline itself is engaging, for those who like deeper characterization and more romantic elements, they might find this particular book a little lacking.

4 of 5 stars

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